The Pimp Game: Instructional Guide New Edition Volume 1

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Secrets known by a select sect and mastered by an elite few are finally exposed. A modern-day guide parallel to The Prince by Machiavelli link. This book gives a panoramic view of the psychology that goes into the complete control over others-mind, body and spirit. The former hollywood king reveals secret techniques with proven results on mastering the art of submission.

The pimp game thoroughly explains how these methods are being practiced, performed, everywhere right up to, and perfected every day, and including the Oval office. A look inside of the mind of the master as well as a chilling peek into the shadow world.

Pimping Ain't Easy: But Somebody's Gotta Do It

Sharif Publishing - During her spring break she has to follow Mickey Royal around day and night in order to do a report on The Pimp Game. As coffee accompanies Mickey Royal throughout his daily life, she embarks on an adventure like no other. She immerses herself into the underbelly of the shadow world and learns lessons she won't soon forget.

. A young journalism student named Coffee is granted the opportunity of a lifetime.

Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game

Gallery Books - Ken's lessons will serve any person in any interaction: Whether at work, or among friends, in relationships, somebody's got to be on top. If you want the money, you can't just "pimp your ride, and respect you dream of, power, " you need to pimp your whole life. In pimpology, ken ivy pulls a square's coat on the unwritten rules that took him from the ghetto streets to the executive suites.

. And unless you've seen ray Charles leading Stevie Wonder somewhere, you need Ken's guidelines to do it. To be the one with the upper hand, you've got to have good game, and good game starts with knowing the rules. Star of the hbo documentaries pimps up, ho's down and american Pimp, Annual Players' Ball "Mack of the Year" winner Ken Ivy reveals the unwritten rules that took him from the ghetto streets to the executive suites.

Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game - The names change, but the game remains the same. They'll reach out and touch you like AT&T and bring good things to life like GE. Then you can be the boss with the hot sauce who gets it all like Monty Hall.

The Pimp's Bible: The Sweet Science of Sin

Research Associates School Times Publications - According to Mr. He ran these streets for over fifty 50 years, and now he breaks the street code, and opens up the closet doors, prostitutes, and thus reveals the hidden and dready secrets behind the world of pimps, and other notorious street players. These stories are as real as they come, they ain t no joking matter.

Bilbo knows it, for he has lived it, especially after being crowned, and given the title: KING OF THE PIMPS. It s a rude awakening to life, or an existence in the underworld- life underground another world, one of money, sex and drugs. You must read and re-read this book the pimp s bible, especially when you learn for the first time on these printed pages about some of those tricks which are used on the streets and in, but be careful, for it might traumatize the fuc- out of you, night clubs across America.

The Pimp's Bible: The Sweet Science of Sin - Alfred bilbo gholson, the law of the streets, as the law of the Jungle dictates that. The one who does the choosing will do the paying. Sekou Tafari. This is life on the streets of a big segregated city-the South side of Chicago.

Along for the Ride

Cherry Hill Publishing/Sharif Publishing - Along for the ride” is a smart, engaging, and eminently entertaining autobiographical account of how Mickey Royal establishes the Royal Family – an organized stable of prostitutes running with the efficiency of a Fortune 500 company. This powerful family takes on crooked cops, drug lords, overzealous executives, and the Muslim Mafia to solve a six-year old murder mystery.

Black Players: The Secret World Of Black Pimps

King Flex Ent - There is even a rare interview with legendary pimp-turned-author Iceberg Slim in this book. Social anthropologists Richard and Christina Milner were allowed access to the secretive and controversial world of pimps and prostitutes. Originally published in 1973, Black Players was the first book to do a thorough examination of the urban pimp culture.

The milners interviewed many of the top pimps in the Bay area and other parts of the country during the late 60's/early 70's. Out of this experience, has come one of the most fascinating journeys into a secret culture ever written. Black player guides the reader through every aspect of this unfamiliar world, allowing the Players to describe themselves, and the rules of the game in their own words.

"Pimp God": What your mom should have told you!!

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Know this. A big dysfunctional living arrangment. She know it too. But, you do need to pay clOSE ATTENTION. This is especially true in the black community. You just have to use your common sense. Black women got this bright IDEA to try and be a man from the dominant white society. For that reason, black men must no longer tolerate black female disrespect, either.

Because we all know he ain't about to deal with any disrespect from her. Pimp god, "what yo momma shoulda' told You" is not a book about teaching men to be PIMPS. This is what the Black community has become. And the harder they try, the more DYSFUNCTIONAL they become. Not to put their lovers on the corner; but to put them on some stricter rules, regulations and guidelines.

"Pimp God": What your mom should have told you!! - It's about teaching men to take back the "authority" they lost to women a LONG, LONG TIME AGO. People, there is a shift in consciousness taking place in the universe. They have become "BOYS" only masquerading as men. Anyone who sets out to own instead of SERVE, is setting out to be a PIMP. And there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Pimp: The Story of My Life

Cash Money Content - In the preface, the reader, i will take you, “In this book, Slim says it best, with me into the secret inner world of the pimp. With millions of copies sold, pimp has become vital reading across generations of writers, entertainers and filmmakers alike, making it a timeless piece of American literature.

Cash Money Content. In pimp, iceberg slim breaks down some of the coldest, capitalist concepts I’ve ever heard in my life. Dave chappelle, from his netflix special the Bird Revelation An immersive experience unlike anything before it, Pimp is the classic hustler’s tale that never seems to go out of style.

Pimp: The Story of My Life - Iceberg slim’s autobiographical novel sent shockwaves throughout the literary world when it published in 1969. Groundbreaking for its authentic and oft-brutal account of the sex trade, 50s, the book offers readers an unforgettable look at the mores of Chicago’s street life during the 1940s, and 60s.

Organized Game: The Art of Mashin and Smashing

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Chapter 7 would be basically touching on money expectations. Everything a person wonder about pimpin but was ashamed or afraid to ask. How they act and react to certain situations and how some succeed in this game and why others don’t. They need help when the world calls upon them to be hard on a hoe, what they do? You guessed it; they fall hard for a hoe.

Chapter 8 is what i call open game it’s where I explain the ups and downs smiles frowns in the game. You will find out that most of what you read in my book pertains to what I done discovered about the true nature of hoes. Suckers view hoes as free individuals whom have the right to live their own lives.

Chapter 5 you will learn how to teach your girls the art of dealing with tricks. Chapter 6 will lace you up with the track guidelines for your girls to follow in or out of town. Ever pimp or potential pimp or curious person should own this book. Chapter 10 is where I fully explain why conversation runs the nation.

Organized Game: The Art of Mashin and Smashing - The reason for this book is to share my experience with people that can relate and also to the ones that cannot. Without a doubt the best and most comprehensive book ever published on the game. I’m proud to present to you this advance summary of "organized game. The book could in fact be one of the most highly anticipated books to drop this year.

Rosebudd the American Pimp

AuthorHouse - His book is not a book on how to become a pimp, but rather a book on how not to be a brutal, uncaring person and still receive the rewards of being one of the best pimps there ever was. Cash Money Content. Rosebudd did all that was in his power to become a legend. You must be cautious with this material, because you will be handling dope.

His day to day activities and mental savvy and toughness is displayed throughout the book. If you pick this book up, you will not put it down until you are completed. The book rosebudd the american Pimp is about the choices one has to make in order to go to the highest plateau in that lifestyle. In his book he has listed the 27 rules to becoming a master at this game.

The Art of Mackin'

King Flex Ent - I am just teaching guys to stay on top of their game when dealing with women. The art of mackin' was the first how-to book that taught men how to actually become a true ladie's man, and how to use certain techniques not deceit in order to get what they wanted from women. A classic" -new york times book review before great books such as "the mystery method" by mystery, "Double Your Dating" by David DeAngelo and many others, "The Game" by Neil Strauss, there was the critically acclaimed game manual "The Art Of Mackin" by Tariq "King Flex" Nasheed.

Whether it is sex, this book teaches men what to say, verbatim, money or companionship, in order to reach their intended goal. Cash Money Content. First written in 1999 and released in 2000, takes a unique, this updated and revised edition of The Art of Mackin', yet serious look at modern male/ female relationships from a player's point of view.

The Art of Mackin' - The art of mackin' is also the first book that tells men what to say, in order to get sex from women, word for word, guaranteed. By using these techniques, I am not implying that you do anything negative. By using my tried and proven methods of mackin', men are guaranteed to increase their player ratio by at least fifty percent 50%.