SSH Mastery: OpenSSH, PuTTY, Tunnels and Keys IT Mastery Book 12

Tilted Windmill Press - The seminal text on ssh, newly revised and updated!Secure Shell SSH lets sysadmins securely manage remote systems. You’ll learn to•eliminate passwords•manage access by users, addresses, groups, and more•securely move files around your network•forward graphic displays•proxy TCP connections•build SOCKS proxies•centrally manage and distribute keys and configurations•use SSH as secure transport for other applications•build virtual private networks•create Certificate Authorities for truly large scale deploymentMaster Secure Shell with SSH Mastery! .

It’s powerful, complicated, and confusing. Lose the confusion. Ssh mastery: openssh, putty, tunnels and keys rescues you from sifting through decades of obsolete online tutorials and quickly makes you an SSH journeyman.

Networking for Systems Administrators IT Mastery Book 5

Tilted Windmill Press - Most sysadmins don’t need to understand window scaling, or the differences between IPv4 and IPv6 echo requests, or other intricacies of the TCP/IP protocols. Stop waiting for the network team!If basic TCP/IP was hard, network administrators couldn’t do it. Servers give sysadmins a incredible visibility into the network—once they know how to unlock it.

You need only enough to deploy your own applications and get easy support from the network team. This book teaches you:•how modern networks really work•the essentials of tcp/ip•the next-generation protocol, and how to use them•Troubleshooting everything from the physical wire to DNS•How to see the traffic you send and receive•Connectivity testing•How to communicate with your network team to quickly resolve problemsA systems administrator doesn’t need to know the innards of TCP/IP, IPv6•The right tools to diagnose network problems, but knowing enough to diagnose your own network issues transforms a good sysadmin into a great one.

PAM Mastery IT Mastery Book 10

Tilted Windmill Press - Pluggable authentication Modules: Threat or Menace?PAM is one of the most misunderstood parts of systems administration. Pam’s very nature makes it unlike any other Unix access control system. If you have pam misery or pam mysteries, you need pam mastery!with pam mastery, you’ll understand:•the different versions of pam•the intricacies of linux-pam and openpam•how PAM policies make decisions•how to debug PAM•the most frequently seen PAM modules•Linux-PAM extended controls and substacks•time-based one-time passwords•using SSH keys for more than SSH•password quality testing•policies from CentOS, Debian, and FreeBSD•and more!Transform PAM from a headache to an ally with PAM Mastery .

Many sysadmins live with authentication problems rather than risk making them worse.

Sudo Mastery: User Access Control for Real People IT Mastery Book 3

Tilted Windmill Press - Master sudo with Sudo Mastery. Unix-like operating systems have a primitive access control system. Other users are peasants with only minimal system access. This worked fine in unix’s youth, but today, system administration responsibilities are spread among many people and applications. Chances are, you’re doing it wrong.

The root account can do anything. Each person needs a tiny slice of root’s power. Sudo lets you divide root’s monolithic power between the people who need it, with accountability and auditability. Sudo mastery will teach you to: * design a sudo policy rather than slap rules together * simplify policies with lists and aliases * use non-unix information sources in policies * configure alternate sudo policies * manage shell environments * verify system integrity and perform intrusion detection * have a common sudo policy across your server farm * manage sudo policies via LDAP * log and debug sudo * log and replay full sudo sessions * use authentication systems other than passwordsWhile many people use sudo, most use only a small part of it’s features.

Ed Mastery: The Standard Unix Text Editor IT Mastery Book 13

Tilted Windmill Press - You're a mere dabbler. A dilettante. With ed mastery, you too can become a proper sysadmin. Ed mastery will help you:•understand buffers and addresses•insert, remove, and mangle text•master file management and shell escapes•comprehend regular expressions, searches, and substitutions•create high-performance scripts for transforming filesYou must be at least this competent to use this computer.

Read ed mastery today! If you don’t know ed, you’re not a sysadmin. Deficient. Forty years after ed’s introduction, internationally acclaimed author Michael W Lucas has finally unlocked the mysteries of ed for everyone. Let me be perfectly clear: ed1 is the standard Unix text editor.

Attacking Network Protocols: A Hacker's Guide to Capture, Analysis, and Exploitation

No Starch Press - This comprehensive guide looks at networking from an attacker’s perspective to help you discover, exploit, and ultimately ­protect vulnerabilities. You’ll start with a rundown of networking basics and protocol traffic capture before moving on to static and dynamic protocol analysis, cryptography, common protocol structures, and protocol security.

Attacking network protocols is a deep dive into network protocol security from James ­Forshaw, one of the world’s leading bug ­hunters. Then you’ll turn your focus to finding and exploiting vulnerabilities, debugging, with an overview of common bug classes, fuzzing, and exhaustion attacks. Learn how to:- capture, and replay packets- develop tools to dissect traffic and reverse engineer code to understand the inner workings of a network protocol- Discover and exploit vulnerabilities such as memory corruptions, manipulate, authentication bypasses, bug hunter, and denials of service- Use capture and analysis tools like ­Wireshark and develop your own custom network proxies to manipulate ­network trafficAttacking Network Protocols is a must-have for any penetration tester, or developer looking to understand and discover network vulnerabilities.

FreeBSD Mastery: Jails IT Mastery Book 15

Tilted Windmill Press - Read freebsd mastery: jails today!“this is the sequel to Git Commit Murder, right ?” /phk, creator of the jail system. Confine your softwarejails are freebsd’s most legendary feature: known to be powerful, tricky to master, and cloaked in decades of dubious lore. You will:•understand how jails achieve lightweight virtualization•understand the base system’s jail tools and the iocage toolkit•Optimally configure jail hardware•Manage jails from the host and from within the jail•Optimize disk space usage to support hundreds or thousands of jails•Comfortably work within the limits of jails•Implement fine-grained control of jail features•Build virtual networks•Deploy hierarchical jails•Constrain jail resource usage•And more!Strip away the mystery.

Deploying jails calls upon every sysadmin skill you have, and more—but unleashing lightweight virtualization is so worth it. Freebsd mastery: jails cuts through the clutter to expose the inner mechanisms of jails and unleash their power in your service.

Offensive Countermeasures: The Art of Active Defense

- It is time for defensive tactics to get a bit offensive. This book introduces cyber-security defensive tactics to annoy attackers, gain attribution and insight on who and where they are. It discusses how to attack attackers in a way which is legal and incredibly useful. It is time to start looking beyond traditional IDS/IPS/AV technologies.

The Hacker Playbook 3: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing

Secure Planet - The main purpose of this book is to answer questions as to why things are still broken. With a combination of new strategies, tips and tricks, attacks, exploits, you will be able to put yourself in the center of the action toward victory. For instance, secure code reviews, how are we still seeing massive security breaches happening to major corporations and governments? The real question we need to ask ourselves is, with all the different security products, defense in depth, and penetration testing requirements, are all the safeguards we are putting in place working? This is what The Hacker Playbook 3 - Red Team Edition is all about.

By now, we are all familiar with penetration testing, but what exactly is a Red Team? Red Teams simulate real-world, advanced attacks to test how well your organization's defensive teams respond if you were breached. They find the answers to questions like: do your incident response teams have the right tools, and people to detect and mitigate these attacks? How long would it take them to perform these tasks and is it adequate? This is where you, as a Red Teamer, skill sets, come in to accurately test and validate the overall security program.

The Hacker Playbook 3: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing - Thp3 will take your offensive hacking skills, thought processes, and attack paths to the next level. This book focuses on real-world campaigns and attacks, exploitation, custom malware, testing environments, persistence, exposing you to different initial entry points, and lateral movement--all without getting caught! This heavily lab-based book will include multiple Virtual Machines, and custom THP tools.

So grab your helmet and let's go break things! For more information, visit http://thehackerplaybook. Com/about/. Back for the third season, The Hacker Playbook 3 THP3 takes your offensive game to the pro tier.

Wicked Cool Shell Scripts, 2nd Edition: 101 Scripts for Linux, OS X, and UNIX Systems

No Starch Press - You'll find a mix of classic favorites, including:– zip code lookup tool that reports the city and state – bitcoin address information retriever – suite of tools for working with cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud – for renaming and applying commands to files in bulk – processing and editing toolsWhether you want to save time managing your system or just find new ways to goof off, a password manager, as well as 23 brand-new scripts, like a disk backup utility that keeps your files safe when your system crashes, and several games, a weather tracker, these scripts are wicked cool! .

With just a few lines of code, your computer will do exactly what you want it to do. But you can also use shell scripts for many other essential and not-so-essential tasks. This second edition of wicked cool Shell Scripts offers a collection of useful, customizable, and fun shell scripts for solving common problems and personalizing your computing environment.

Wicked Cool Shell Scripts, 2nd Edition: 101 Scripts for Linux, OS X, and UNIX Systems - Each chapter contains ready-to-use scripts and explanations of how they work, why you’d want to use them, and suggestions for changing and expanding them. Shell scripts are an efficient way to interact with your machine and manage your files and system operations.

Hash Crack: Password Cracking Manual v2.0

- The hash crack manual contains syntax and examples for the most popular cracking and analysis tools and will save you hours of research looking up tool usage. The hash crack: Password Cracking Manual v2. 0 is an expanded reference guide for password recovery cracking methods, tools, and analysis techniques.

A compilation of basic and advanced techniques to assist penetration testers and network security professionals evaluate their organization's posture. Hash crack contains all the tables, online resources, commands, and more to complete your cracking security kit. It also includes basic cracking knowledge and methodologies every security professional should know when dealing with password attack capabilities.