She Wanted That Hood Love 2: Down for A Boss

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - Loyalty is once again challenged, the past resurfaces, and the lack of trust between the two are at an all time high. Will love conquer all again? Or is it finally time to forget about their love? Find out in this heart touching finale. The saying 'what's real is gon' Stay Put' is constantly tested in Kisha and Meek's world.

For kisha everything in her life was finally starting to come together until tragedy strikes hitting close to home once again. When meek takes a bullet for her and risk his own life, there was nothing in the world she wouldn't do to pay him back as long as he continued to love her. Meek wouldn't have it any other way than to protect the woman he loved, as he tries his best to give her all the love she's been missing.

She Wanted That Hood Love 2: Down for A Boss #ad - However, when things start crashing down at home as Kisha fights her own demons; it becomes a complication for Meek as Kisha continuously pushes him away with her own insecurities.


She Wanted That Hood Love: Down for A Boss

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - Find out how it unravels in this emotional Hood love. Survival was all they knew. Even when life forces them to separate, love in the heart was love forever. Meek wasn't one to fail and like kisha he'd do anything to survive, but dealing with a mother who cared more about men than she did her own son, caused Meek to hop off the porch early and get it how he lived.

With a prostitute and a dope fiend as a mother; Meek seemed to be the only person who made sense in her life. The struggles that him and Kisha went through together was no way for them to live; from starving together to fighting bed bugs together. Kisha was used to the terrifying truths of the hood as she experienced first hand what it's like to be a product of her environment and taking degrading measures to survive.


A Hood Love Like No Other

Supreme Works Publications #ad - With a mother that sought solace in a liquor bottle, Lala had to not only take care of herself but her mother to. When his infidelities are brought to the forefront will he be able to take control of the situation or will it all blow up in his face. Miracle is lala’s best friend and the only person besides Heart who welcomed her when she had to be uprooted and placed in the hood.

Lines are crossed, and loyalty is tested, find out who makes it out on top. Even with her friendship on the line she’s not willing to give up what she’s built. He never had anyone to show him love so he vowed to never give it, until Lala comes in and occupies the space that he had condemned. Laurence marks was determined to be more than the life that was forced on her after her father was gunned down in front of her on her fourteenth birthday.

A Hood Love Like No Other #ad - When the truth comes out will their friendship be able to weather the storm?Finding love, mixed with lies and deceit causes a whole whirlwind of problems. Will they follow their heart, or will life get in the way of what’s meant to be?Lake is Heart’s best friend and right-hand man, they both grew up in the system together and were the only one that the other trusted.

Their relationship is solid and the love they have for one another is real, but Miracle has a secret that could tear that all apart. When things get tough and the walls begin to close around her there is one person that she knows that she can turn to, her best friend Heart. Heart quamere strong live his life by his rules, being thrown away at birth killed something inside of him that caused him to look at life differently.


The Real Dopeboyz of Dade County

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - Getting him to care and love was practically unachievable and non-existent until he met her… ​​Serenity has it all; beauty, brains and a bank account with more zeros than she knew what to do with. Serenity struggles to keep secrets hidden, secrets that could potentially cost her- her life. Inheriting the family business from his uncle, Kaotic becomes a self-made millionaire by producing the purest coke and skillfully smuggling them into the US without lifting a finger.

Kaotic struggles with the adjustment his heart forces him to make as he allows a broken woman into his life, one who is so harmless, but can potentially cause him and his organization so much damage. To him, if it didn’t make money it didn’t made sense. Her wild behavior mirrors the pain she’s truly going through, the pain no one can understand, pain that is uncontrollable until she met him…​Love can be so beautiful yet painful in the same sense.

The Real Dopeboyz of Dade County #ad - From the outside looking in, Serenity has it together. Her life is goals to many except no one knows the demons she faces. With a take charge attitude and boss mentality, the leader of the Dade County Goonz DCG, Kaotic, only concern is money. The fear of love forces her to use men for sex before tossing them aside.

There is more to being a dope boy, a hood entrepreneur, than slanging dope.


Wifed Up by A cold Hearted Hustla

Talehia Presents #ad - Thinking all women are the same, until he runs into a striking beauty at the club. Taking each other for a surprise, they both tried something out of their element only to yearn for the feelings they felt that night. Putting them behind him, he ventures out to do something he’s always wanted to do, produce music.

Bodies will drop, and family will turn to foe and they will be left with one question, blood will shed, will Kojo and Tajanai’s love remain the same after the dust settles? . Kojo was every woman’s dream and had been since he’d been in the streets. Only problem is, just when janai thought her life was going great, a blast from the past decide to wreak havoc on her new journey.

Wifed Up by A cold Hearted Hustla #ad - Heading back to her hometown with her best friend, she finishes her career goals and celebrates a night out with her best friend in hopes to try something spontaneous. Only she got more than she bargained for. Tall, handsome, dark, and paid. Tajanai “janai” had been through nothing but heartbreak for the last few years.

Finally deciding enough is enough after losing the only person she held near her heart, she decided to leave her old life behind. Kojo is no stranger to drama, so when chaos ignites, he goes back in guns blazing. With more popularity, and the ones closest betray him, more women that flock, but he handles it accordingly.


I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla

Supreme Works Publications #ad - He knows exactly the kind of woman he wants, or at least he thinks he does. Life has been pretty easy for the both of them until they meet Ocean and River. Knowing her worth, ocean decides to call it quits with Bryce and focus on herself, not knowing that her thug in shining armor was right around the corner.

What ocean didn’t know was that Bryce had his own meaning of the word marriage and faithful was nowhere in his vocabulary. When river, a plus size beauty with an even bigger personality steps on the scene he’s left confused and fighting his developing feelings. Sony sharp is smart mouthed and hood as they come.

I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla #ad - . To love, honor and cherish are the vows that Ocean clung on to when she married her first love Bryce Charles. Will the thick bombshell break down the barriers of his heart or will she find solace with another man? Running the streets of Charlotte isn’t easy but the Sharp brothers do it with ease. Lucas and sony handle business with an iron fist and handle anyone who tries to stop them.

Will they be able to separate the growing love they have for the ladies and their love for the streets? Find out in this page turning hood romance. Lucas swoops in and shows ocean that there is more to life than what she is accustomed to and the two engage in a whirlwind romance. Only problem is Lucas has some baggage of his own.


Hood Rich: A Dope A** Love Story A Standalone Novel

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - What was once a solid foundation starts to wither away slowly. With her two best friends by her side she takes on life like a storm making the mistakes normal teenage girls make. In this draw dropping stand-alone you will shadow the life of two young love birds through the beginning, middle, and current stage of their relationship.

You will first hand experience the hard work, sweat, and tears it takes to be committed to someone. Living life in and out of detention centers, troubled teen Tauheed “Rocky” Epps is sent to live with his uncle in hopes of being steered in the correct direction; however his hunger for the streets is greater than the hunger of a starved person.

Hood Rich: A Dope A** Love Story A Standalone Novel #ad - When temptation hits, Rocky finds himself losing his family. With the perfect woman, children, money, and all the finer things in life at his disposal Rocky consider himself hood rich, a person who started from the bottom of the barrel and has made it to the top. Jealous becomes an issue when women tries their hardest to push Wish out of her spot.

This dope ass love story will take you through the motions, you will either root for the couple to stay together or beg for them to stay apart. Everything in her life is stable until young, handsome, Rocky swoops in stirring up a world wind of drama. From the moment rocky laid eyes on wish he knew he would make her his wife, but with him trying hard to create a name for himself in the game and the swarm of girls demanding his attention things between them become complicated.

Fast forward ten years later things between Rocky and Wish are better than ever.


The Beauty & The Boss: Truth & Zoweh's Love Story

Royalty Publishing House #ad - He was a 'fuck love, get money' type of nigga, and he made sure any woman he came across knew that. Zoweh didn't feel she would ever be able to escape the wrath of her worst nightmare. With his marriage and relationship with his brother's on the line, will Legend make the right decision?It has been a roller coaster ride for Truth and Zoweh since the fateful night they met.

She had no attachments in chicago to anything besides her daughter, and at this point, Promise was the only thing in the world keeping her sane. With a flourishing drug empire that he shared with his brothers, Chosen and Legend, Truth was the man to see in Chicago. Nothing moved in Chicago without Truth's say so.

The Beauty & The Boss: Truth & Zoweh's Love Story #ad - Will they be able to withstand and hold down that spot of being The Beauty and the Boss of Chicago? Zoweh, or zo for short, was nothing short of an amazing mother and friend to everyone who knew her. She hid her scars from the world while she tried daily to be the best woman and mother she could be. Zoweh never knew she wanted, no, need a boss; that is until she met the alluring Truth D'Stefano.

That all changed with one unexpected encounter with the unforgettable Zoweh. Chosen, the middle and most deranged of the brothers, made sure his name held weight in the streets. Although her life had been nothing but complex being in an abusive relationship with her child's father, Darius, the abuse began taking a toll on her life daily.


I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla 2

Supreme Works Publications #ad - Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see, only thing is the sight before Lucas is one that may cause him to do something that he’ll regret. Unbeknownst to cherice, Bryce has an ulterior motive that may cause her to lose everything. Will she be able to see past his deception or will she once again fall victim to love?With new threats on the rise and old snakes still lingering, will the Sharp brothers be able to hold their reigns in the streets and keep the women they love safe? Or will they get sucked up in the world of being a Carolina Hustla?

His love for ocean and the news of the baby they created may be the only thing that will save her life but will it be enough to save what they’re trying to build? Sony and River just can’t seem to get it together and the back and forth between the two is stopping anything that they’re trying to develop.

I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla 2 #ad - Ivanka is trying her best to make herself relevant in Sony’s life but her constant run ins with River’s savvy banter is stopping her at every corner. With their past in the way can the two come together and be what they both desire? After everything that Cherice has been through, she again finds herself in a situation where she has to choose between the man in her life and her family.


A Hood Love Like No Other 2

Supreme Works Publications #ad - There has never been a time where mira thought anything other than it would be her and Lake til the end of time, so when Miracle said those dreadful words her world was turned upside down. Trying to get miracle to see her wrongs in this horrible situation is draining but not as draining as trying to get Mira to see that she’s as loyal as they come.

When the smoke clears who will be by her side helping her through it all?The only thing on Heart’s mind is getting revenge, and he vows to do just that. Will he wake up from his coma in enough time to save his family, or better yet will he wake up at all? Miracle has never felt more alone, than she feels right now.

If that wasn’t enough, she has to go through the one person that hurt her the most, in order for her to help Heart, her mom. Will she be able to get over the hurt to help Heart or will she be stuck in her ways and left out in the cold. With tempers flared and guns blazing no one in Mooresville is safe.

A Hood Love Like No Other 2 #ad - . The answers to all of her questions lie with the one person who is unable to answer them, Lake. Being stuck in the middle of her two best friends has Lala feeling like the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her love and loyalty to Lake my not be enough for her to get through the trials that are headed her way.

Her whole world is crashing down around her and all because she loved a man.


C'Yani and Meek: A Dangerous Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - C’yani bailey is your average workaholic and will do anything, for anyone. Her past can’t seem to stay there, while her future has skeletons of his own. She decides to enjoy a night out with her sister that ends up in a disaster as well. Two months later, a man enters her life and is the exact type she’s sworn off.

Will c’yani go back to living in a bubble or will the love she has for the new man make her stay where she is? Unfortunately; it’s the exact opposite of who she really is. Something tragic happens in her life, which makes her shut down. It’s nowhere near a love connection between the two. However; society portrays her to be conceited, a woman who turns her nose up and looks down on others that aren’t in her position.

C'Yani and Meek: A Dangerous Hood Love #ad - The man in her life doesn’t seem to care and finds comfort elsewhere; leaving her to deal with the devastation alone. However, c’yani decides to step out her comfort zone and ends up in a world she knew nothing about. She enjoys the ride, but the obstacles to staying happy, constantly overshadow the relationship.