Revolutions without Borders: The Call to Liberty in the Atlantic World

Yale University Press - As paths crossed, ideas entangled. Polasky analyzes the paper records—books, letters, newspapers, novels, journals, broadsides, and more—to follow the far-reaching trails of revolutionary zeal. Historian janet polasky focuses on the eighteenth-century travelers who spread new notions of liberty and equality.

Yale University Press. This expansive history explores how the revolutionary ideas that spurred the American and French revolutions reverberated far and wide, North American, African, connecting European, and Caribbean peoples more closely than ever before. A sweeping exploration of revolutionary ideas that traveled the Atlantic in the late eighteenth century Nation-based histories cannot do justice to the rowdy, radical interchange of ideas around the Atlantic world during the tumultuous years from 1776 to 1804.

Revolutions without Borders: The Call to Liberty in the Atlantic World - What emerges clearly from rich historic records is that the dream of liberty among America’s founders was part of a much larger picture. The author investigates these ideas and how they were disseminated long before the days of instant communications and social media or even an international postal system.

It was a dream embraced throughout the far-flung regions of the Atlantic world. It was an age of itinerant revolutionaries, she shows, who ignored borders and found allies with whom to imagine a borderless world. National borders were powerless to restrict the flow of enticing new visions of human rights and universal freedom.

Independence Lost: Lives on the Edge of the American Revolution

Random House Trade Paperbacks - Adding new depth and moral complexity, Kathleen DuVal reinvigorates the story of the American Revolution. To read this book is to see that the task of recovering the entire American Revolution has barely begun. The new york times book Review   “A richly documented and compelling account. The wall street journal   “a remarkable, necessary—and entirely new—book about the American Revolution.

The daily beast   “a completely new take on the American Revolution, double-dealing, rife with pathos, and intrigue. Elizabeth A. Independence lost reveals that individual motives counted as much as the ideals of liberty and freedom the Founders espoused: Independence had a personal as well as national meaning, and the choices made by people living outside the colonies were of critical importance to the war’s outcome.

Independence Lost: Lives on the Edge of the American Revolution - . Meanwhile, african american slaves had little control over their own lives, but some individuals found opportunities to expand their freedoms during the war. While citizens of the thirteen rebelling colonies came to blows with the British Empire over tariffs and parliamentary representation, the situation on the rest of the continent was even more fraught.

Independence lost is a bold work that fully establishes the reputation of a historian who is already regarded as one of her generation’s best. Praise for independence Lost“An astonishing story. Independence Lost will knock your socks off.

Liberty's Exiles: American Loyalists in the Revolutionary World

Vintage - Random House Inc. Ambitious, and personality-filled, original, this book is at once an intimate narrative history and a provocative analysis that changes how we see the revolution’s “losers” and their legacies. Liberty’s Exiles tells their story. National book critics circle award winnerthis groundbreaking book offers the first global history of the loyalist exodus to Canada, Sierra Leone, the Caribbean, India, and beyond.

At the end of the american revolution, sixty thousand Americans loyal to the British cause fled the United States and became refugees throughout the British Empire. This surprising new account of the founding of the united states and the shaping of the post-revolutionary world traces extraordinary journeys like the one of Elizabeth Johnston, who led her growing family to Britain, a young mother from Georgia, and Canada, questing for a home; black loyalists such as David George, who escaped from slavery in Virginia and went on to found Baptist congregations in Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone; and Mohawk Indian leader Joseph Brant, Jamaica, who tried to find autonomy for his people in Ontario.

The Age of Revolutions in Global Context, c. 1760-1840

Palgrave - Distinguished historians provide uniquely broad coverage of the dynamics of global and regional change in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Used book in Good Condition. Sheds new light on the american, french and Haitian revolutions, alongside ground-breaking treatments of Africa's place in world history and Asia's age of revolutions.

. Random House Inc.

Saltwater Slavery: A Middle Passage from Africa to American Diaspora

Harvard University Press - In extraordinary detail, we witness these men and women cramped in the holds of ships, gasping for air, and trying to make sense of an unfamiliar sea and an unimaginable destination. Harvard University Press. Arriving in america, we see how these new migrants enter the market for laboring bodies, and struggle to reconstruct their social identities in the New World.

Throughout, smallwood examines how the people at the center of her story-merchant capitalists, sailors, and slaves-made sense of the bloody process in which they were joined. She begins her narrative on the shores of seventeenth-century Africa, tracing how the trade in human bodies came to define the life of the Gold Coast.

Saltwater Slavery: A Middle Passage from Africa to American Diaspora - Used book in Good Condition. Smallwood offers a penetrating look at the process of enslavement from its African origins through the Middle Passage and into the American slave market. Smallwood's story is animated by deep research and gives us a startlingly graphic experience of the slave trade from the vantage point of the slaves themselves.

Ultimately, saltwater Slavery details how African people were transformed into Atlantic commodities in the process. Stephanie E. Random House Inc. This bold, innovative book promises to radically alter our understanding of the Atlantic slave trade, and the depths of its horrors.

Empires of the Atlantic World: Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830

Yale University Press - Elliott, one of the most distinguished and versatile historians working today, offers us history on a grand scale, contrasting the worlds built by Britain and by Spain on the ruins of the civilizations they encountered and destroyed in North and South America. Elliott identifies and explains both the similarities and differences in the two empires’ processes of colonization, their distinctive styles of imperial government, the character of their colonial societies, and the independence movements mounted against them.

H. J. Based on wide reading in the history of the two great Atlantic civilizations, the book sets the Spanish and British colonial empires in the context of their own times and offers us insights into aspects of this dual history that still influence the Americas. Random House Inc. Harvard University Press. Used book in Good Condition.

Empires of the Atlantic World: Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830 - Yale University Press. This epic history compares the empires built by Spain and Britain in the Americas, from Columbus’s arrival in the New World to the end of Spanish colonial rule in the early nineteenth century.

Atlantic History: Concept and Contours

Harvard University Press - Harvard University Press. Random House Inc. Yale University Press. In these probing essays, its rapid development, Bernard Bailyn explores the origins of the subject, and its impact on historical study. He first considers atlantic history as a subject of historical inquiry--how it evolved as a product of both the pressures of post-World War II politics and the internal forces of scholarship itself.

He then outlines major themes in the subject over the three centuries following the European discoveries. Atlantic history is a newly and rapidly developing field of historical study. The vast contribution of the african people to all regions of the West, the westward migration of Europeans, racial and ethnic relations, pan-Atlantic commerce and its role in developing economies, the spread of Enlightenment ideas--all are Atlantic phenomena.

Atlantic History: Concept and Contours - In examining both the historiographical and historical dimensions of this developing subject, Bailyn illuminates the dynamics of history as a discipline. Used book in Good Condition. Bringing together elements of early modern european, african, and American history--their common, and interactive aspects--Atlantic history embraces essentials of Western civilization, comparative, from the first contacts of Europe with the Western Hemisphere to the independence movements and the globalizing industrial revolution.

The American Revolution: A History Modern Library Chronicles

Modern Library - It is a complicated and at times ironic story that needs to be explained and understood, not blindly celebrated or condemned. No doubt the story is a dramatic one: thirteen insignificant colonies three thousand miles from the centers of Western civilization fought off British rule to become, a huge, in fewer than three decades, sprawling, rambunctious republic of nearly four million citizens.

Random House Inc. He knew that the revolution not only had legally created the United States, but also had produced all of the great hopes and values of the American people. Ellis, author of founding brothers A magnificent account of the revolution in arms and consciousness that gave birth to the American republic.

The American Revolution: A History Modern Library Chronicles - When abraham lincoln sought to define the significance of the United States, he naturally looked back to the American Revolution. But the history of the american revolution, like the history of the nation as a whole, ought not to be viewed simply as a story of right and wrong from which moral lessons are to be drawn.

How did this great revolution come about? What was its character? What were its consequences? These are the questions this short history seeks to answer. Harvard University Press. The revolution, in short, gave birth to whatever sense of nationhood and national purpose Americans have had. Our noblest ideals and aspirations-our commitments to freedom, the well-being of ordinary people, constitutionalism, and equality-came out of the Revolutionary era.

Lincoln saw as well that the Revolution had convinced Americans that they were a special people with a special destiny to lead the world toward liberty.

The Americas: A Hemispheric History Modern Library Chronicles

Modern Library - Modern Library. Used book in Good Condition. Yale University Press. Random House Inc. Fernández-armesto does nothing less than revise the conventional wisdom about cross-cultural exchange, and interaction, conflict, making and supporting some brilliantly provocative conclusions about the Americas’ past and where we are headed.

. Used book in Good Condition. Harvard University Press. In this groundbreaking work, leading historian felipe fernández-Armesto tells the story of our hemisphere as a whole, Central, showing why it is impossible to understand North, and South America in isolation without turning to the intertwining forces that shape the region.

The Americas: A Hemispheric History Modern Library Chronicles - With imagination, fernández-armesto covers a range of cultural, thematic breadth, political, and his trademark wit, and social subjects, taking us from the dawn of human migration to North America to the Colonial and Independence periods to the “American Century” and beyond.

The Minutemen and Their World American Century

Hill and Wang - Random House Inc. The town--future home to emerson, intellectual freedom, Thoreau, and Hawthorne--soon came to symbolize devotion to liberty, and the stubborn integrity of rural life. Used book in Good Condition. In the minutemen and their world, robert gross has written a remarkably subtle and detailed reconstruction of the lives and community of this special place, and a compelling interpretation of the American Revolution as a social movement.

. Yale University Press. Modern Library. The "shot heard round the world" catapulted this sleepy New England town into the midst of revolutionary fervor, and Concord went on to become the intellectual capital of the new republic. Used book in Good Condition. Winner of the bancroft prize the minutemen and their World, first published in 1976, is reissued now in a twenty-fifth anniversary edition with a new Foreword by Alan Taylor and a new Afterword by the author.

The Minutemen and Their World American Century - On april 19, 1775, the american revolution began at the Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts. Harvard University Press. Used book in Good Condition.

The Revolutionary Atlantic: Republican Visions, 1760-1830: A Documentary History

Oxford University Press - The revolutionary atlantic: republican visions, haitian, 1760-1830: A Documentary History is the first book to bring together primary sources on the four major revolutions--American, French, and Spanish--that comprised the Age of Atlantic Revolutions. Combining classic, foundational texts, and more obscure sources, like Madison's 10th Federalist essay, such as archival peasant accounts of the Great Fear, The Revolutionary Atlantic is an indispensable resource for teaching Atlantic history.

. Yale University Press. Harvard University Press. Modern Library. Random House Inc. There are primary sourcebooks on all of these revolutions, but never before have documents from all four revolutions been brought together within a single volume so that the revolutionary republican movement can be examined as a whole.

The Revolutionary Atlantic: Republican Visions, 1760-1830: A Documentary History - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Unlike the selections found in other texts, the documents in The Revolutionary Atlantic do not skimp on length, allowing instructors and students to delve deeply into major issues of republican revolution. Used book in Good Condition.