Prym Chalk Wheel Stick Ergonomic

Prym PRYM_610955-1 - Prym ergonomic chalk wheel stick - eachProduct Information• Brand: Prym• Quantity: each Brand: Prym. Quantity: each.

Clover Chaco Liner White

Clover 4712 - The fine point makes lines and marks more visible and is easy to use with a straight edge ruler. Chalk washes or brushes away. Easy replacement refills available, sold separately. Fine pen point. Easy to use. Pen style chaco liners fine point permits accurate drawing of both straight lines and free hand curves.

PRYM 610943 Parallel tracing wheel 'Multi' ERGONOMIC, 1 piece

TOKO-Kurzwaren 610943 - Ergonomic design, facilitates fatigue-free working. Marks and traces seam and cutting lines. Combination of chalk wheel 'Mouse' and tracing unit. Seam and cutting lines in widths of 15, 25 and 40mm are easy to mark. Foam-backed nylon covering allows easy pinning and marking. Genuine prym parallel tracing wheel 'multi'; ergonomic design, facilitates fatigue-free working; marks and traces seam and cutting lines; combination of chalk wheel 'Mouse' and tracing unit; seam and cutting lines in the usual seam allowance widths of 15, 25 and 40 mm are easy to mark; can be used without tracing unit just like the chalk wheel 'Mouse'; 1 piece in plastic box with card; best german quality.

Original packaging only served by TOKO-Kurzwaren Wholesale in Heidelberg/Germany! Fine pen point. Easy to use.