Get Lost! #6 Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo

Grosset & Dunlap - Now her wish has come true - and she keeps turning into other people!Katie's class is going on a two-day science field trip to Nature School. Katie carew nicknamed Katie Kazoo by the class bully always wished that she could be anyone but herself. The nature school counselor is named Genie-Genie the Meanie! Genie is very strict and doesn't want the kids to have any fun.

She's ruining the field trip! when katie turns into genie and is left leading her class on a hike, she gets them totally lost! Back in her own body, how will Katie get things on track again?Illustrated by John and Wendy.

I Hate Rules! #5 Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo

Grosset & Dunlap - Will katie be able to make things right and get Mr. Now her wish has come true - and she keeps turning into other people!When Katie gets caught breaking the rules, and later with a cell phone that isn't even her's!, first passing a note, she loses her recess for the day. Kane his job back?Illustrated by John and Wendy.

Kane loses his job because the parents and teachers are so angry. She's had it with the school rules! When she turns into the principal, Mr. Kane, she makes a new rule - that there are no rules! Things get out of hand and Katie turns back into herself before she can fix things. Katie carew nicknamed Katie Kazoo by the class bully always wished that she could be anyone but herself.

I Hate Rules! #5 Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo - Grosset Dunlap. The real Mr.

Doggone It Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No. 8

Grosset & Dunlap - Will she be able to convince her teacher that dogs are not all bad? Grosset Dunlap. When katie's teacher moves in next-door, Katie can't believe her bad luck! Nothing could be worse than your own teacher living next-door-or could it? Mrs. Derkman hates dogs, and she wants the dogs on their street to be kept on leashes at all times! Katie is furious.

Then the magic wind blows, turning Katie into her own dog, Pepper.

A Collection of Katie: Books 1-4 Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo

Grosset & Dunlap - A special treat for katie kazoo fans! this paperback collection combines the first four books in the bestselling Katie Kazoo series in one edition, #3 Oh, perfect for young readers who are new to the series, or for anyone who just can't get enough of Katie! Titles included are #1 Anyone But Me, Baby, #2 Out to Lunch, and #4 Girls Don't Have Cooties.

. Grosset Dunlap.

Any Way You Slice It Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo #9

Grosset & Dunlap - But when katie turns into louie the chef, how will the pizzas for the contest get made? Katie's clueless! She's never cooked anything without her mom before! Illustrated by John & Wendy. Katie offers to help the owner of her favorite pizza shop run a pizza-eating contest. Grosset Dunlap.

Quiet on the Set! Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No.10

Grosset & Dunlap - Grosset Dunlap. Katie and her friends are so excited when they find out that a movie is being filmed in their town. Will katie shine in the spotlight, or will she get stage fright? Illustrated by John & Wendy. Katie not only gets to meet Rosie, but she turns into her. And what makes it even better is that the star of the movie is Rosie Moran-the world's most popular child actress.

Who's Afraid of Fourth Grade? Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo: Super Special

Grosset & Dunlap FBA-|288299 - And to make matters worse, who has her hands full with three younger siblings to help take care of, the magic wind appears twice-and turns her into her new friend Emma Weber, and then into her former best friend Suzanne as she's about to make her fashion runway debut! What's a fourth-grader to do? Grosset Dunlap.

At first, katie and her friends can't wait to enter the fourth grade! But with the pressure of new classes, and friends, teachers, Katie isn't so sure she likes it after all.

Camp Rules!: Super Special Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo

Grosset & Dunlap FBA-|288302 - . And wild animals???? but katie can’t go anywhere without the magic wind following her—even to camp! Have twice the summer fun with twice the switcheroos in Katie Kazoo’s newest Super Special! Grosset Dunlap. Katie is so excited for her two-week stay at sleepaway camp! Friends, activities, Color War, s’mores .

Drat! You Copycat! #7 Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo

Grosset & Dunlap - Will suzanne change her mind about the new girl? Will Katie turn back into herself without causing too much trouble? Grosset Dunlap. She follows suzanne around, dresses like her, and steals Suzanne's class report topic. Suzanne can't stand Becky! Then, the magic wind turns Katie into Becky. Becky is the new girl in class 3a, and she's a great big copycat! She's trying to be just like Katie's best friend Suzanne.

Three Cheers for...Who? #35 Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo

Grosset & Dunlap FBA-|288314 - Grosset Dunlap. Katie isn't the only one annoyed. Grosset Dunlap. Then the magic wind strikes at the worst possible time, turning Katie into who else?-a cheerleader at the top of a pyramid. When katie takes an interest in cheerleading, Suzanne becomes jealous and starts her own squad, but just for the girls from class 4B.

The 4b boys are so sick of the girls making up cheers, it looks like a full-fledged spirit war is about to break out.

It's Snow Joke Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No. 22

Grosset & Dunlap - How will katie fix her troubles this time? Grosset Dunlap. Grosset Dunlap. But unfortunately, the magic wind doesn't ever take a break. Katie's actress friend Rosie invites her to a movie shoot at a ski lodge during winter break. Katie can't wait to hit the slopes for the first time. When katie turns into the ski instructor, she lands in a very slippery situation.