Faded: The Trillest Kind Of Love

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - Once you’re faded off of love, you no longer have control, no matter how hard you fight to maintain it. That left little to no room in his life for anything other than being on his grind and raising his daughter, until her. Unfortunately, shooter finds himself stuck between what his heart is being pulled to and what his mind is fighting against.

When one of his transactions are interrupted by his ex, who chose her vices over raising the daughter that the two of them created—a daughter that Shooter wasn’t aware existed—he’s left once again to pick up where someone else fell short. Refusing to be a mirror image of his parents, he had some tough choices to make, which meant rearranging his priorities enough to be a father to his daughter.

He walks away from everything and grinds in any way possible to make sure they both have what they need. However, as a man, he once again learns that love doesn’t make you responsible. His parents chose their vices over him, and although they were there, they fell short when it came to providing him with the things he needed.

Faded: The Trillest Kind Of Love #ad - That deficit forced him into the streets and into a different type of family where he had to do whatever necessary to survive. Samiq “shooter” young learned at an early age that love doesn’t make you responsible. Years passed, and he built a one-man operation that was just enough to provide him with a good life but kept him under the radar.


Faded 2: The Trillest Kind of Love

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - The past keeps coming back to remind these two couples of their mistakes and shortcomings. The thought of nomi not being in Shooter and Ari's life is not a reality that anyone is ready to face. Nomi has already lost one family, and now she is forced to deal with the fact that she may lose Shooter and Ari while serving a prison sentence.

Life forces dreek to become responsible overnight, and one careless act may be enough to destroy all that he and Riv have built. The pending charges that are threatening to separate Nomi from her new family has Shooter willing to risk everything to fix this situation as he has always done for the ones he loves the most.

Faded 2: The Trillest Kind of Love #ad - Will they be able to survive the turmoil or was it too good to be true? In the end, no matter the outcome, everyone will realize that the trillest kind of love will always leave you Faded. Will nomi be able to beat the charges against her, or will she have to accept the fact that behind bars is where she will spend the next few years?Dreek and Riv are finally in a good place, but old habits die hard, and Dreek is not ready to let his go just yet.


Kode and Aara 2: Hood Love is That Good Love

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - It's bad enough when enemies try to take you down, but when it is family, you’re torn between loyalty and self-preservation. Dakota learned a hard lesson when he realized that he was protecting himself from the wrong people. Will he shake the restraints and find his peace, or will he be bound to a life that has no way out and no happy ending?

His worst enemies couldn’t compete with the snakes in his bloodline. Aara finds herself stuck between feelings that she can’t deny and a need for self-worth. His heart!with a family of snakes and a lifetime of lies, Dakota quickly realizes just how little he knew the ones who claimed to love him the most.

Kode and Aara 2: Hood Love is That Good Love #ad - Sometimes life is complicated in ways that the heart can’t handle so you have to make the tough choices that could potentially shatter the depths of your soul. Preston finds himself falling, and he isn’t sure how to handle it. Love isn’t something he needs, or so he thinks, but Evvy seems to keep inching her way closer to the one thing he assumed was never accessible in the first place.

The truth is supposed to set you free, but in his case, it’s holding him hostage to a life he never really wanted.


Kode and Aara: Hood Love is That Good Love

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - Neither dakota nor aara are looking for love, sparks fly, but when they find themselves in the same space, and the pull is too strong to keep them apart. Her entire family was taken away in the blink of an eye. She finds herself building a wall around her heart, only allowing enough space to deal with people that she is unable to build relationships with.

Find out if love conquers all or if these two are destined to never find an everlasting love that lasts a lifetime. The only light in her life is her work and her best friend until an innocent day at the coffee shop brings the very unexpected into her life. As much as aara fights the pull, she just can't seem to stop her heart from wanting what it wants, and that's Kode.

Dakota moretti has it all, money, power, respect, and a daughter whom he loves like no other. Life is messy, and sometimes love just isn't enough. His legacy has been handed down to him by birthright whether he likes it or not, so he steps up like the legend he is destined to be and handles his business in the streets.

Kode and Aara: Hood Love is That Good Love #ad - With all of his power, he finds himself attached to a disloyal, treacherous woman and a void in his heart that is only partially filled with the love he has for his princess. Is he destined to never find a love of his own, or will he stumble into the last thing he was looking for when he least expects it? Aara has lost it all.


Lost In That Hood Love

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - When paths cross, and his worlds collide, Crane has to do damage control. Will they be able to maintain balance, or will the chaos of it all be too much and take them under? Can cage learn to balance his new responsibilities and keep the drama at bay, or will he be forced to choose between responsibilities and love?Crane Andrews is still deep in the streets and had no plans to quit living the fast life anytime soon.

After leaving the streets alone, Cage Andrews' life is perfect in his eyes. More money than he can spend in a lifetime and women at his beck and call. Chaos from the streets slithers into the mix of the drama in his personal life, and Crane quickly realizes that it might all be too much to handle on his own.

These twin brothers have always had each other's back, and nothing has changed for them other than the fact that there may be another Andrews who needs the same protection. They say you find what you need when you stop looking, and that is definitely the case when Cage crosses paths with Desai. In less than twenty-four hours, cage's priorities change with the birth of his son, which he wasn’t expecting, and a chance encounter with a woman who quickly piques his interest.

Lost In That Hood Love #ad - Although crane loves and is very much dedicated to his fiance, he often finds himself sharing a bed with other women. Not to mention the fact that his twin brother is still heavily in the streets, placing Cage, in the middle of a situation that is threatening to pull him back into the life he promised to never return to.

Until now, he has always been able to keep that side of his life hidden.


Better Than Your Ex: Young and Stony

Supreme Works Publications #ad - Donovan barron aka young is Southside to the heart, and nothing can change that, not even an NBA career. The odds are definitely against these two as they navigate through life together. Drama plagues the new couple and just might be enough to end their relationship before it even starts. Stony dorrian refuses to let anyone tell her how to live her life any longer! For too long, she has allowed her parents to control everything in her life, including her relationship with her boyfriend, Dallas.

When secrets are exposed Stony and Young may find that it's just too much and not worth it. Refusing to conform has led to Young being dubbed as "Atlanta's Bad boy. Living lowkey and making money are his only priorities until he is forced to switch it up. Will these two survive everything that life throws at them, or will the drama succeed in breaking up the newfound couple?

Better Than Your Ex: Young and Stony #ad - Officially fed up, a chance meeting allows Stony to live a carefree for once and it just might change her life forever. A few chance meetings between Stony and Young turn their worlds upside down and force the two strangers to become closer than they ever imagined.


He Brings Out The Hood In Me 4

Supreme Works Publications #ad - When her truth lands on their doorstep will cassidy be able to accept her flaws and all? Kahleno just wants to enjoy his life with Sutton, Kahlil and his twins growing in Sutton’s belly, but life seems to have another plan for him and his family. Mega has done things in his past that he wasn’t proud of and it feels as if Karma is coming at him full force in the form of Ziva.

Ziva has a hard on for anyone with the last name Maler and she’s determined to bring them all down. When they realize that salem is closer than they think, they will do anything to get to him, but will they get to him before he does the unthinkable? Lost is just one of the many emotions that Cassidy feels when he hears about what happened to his mother.

Icelynn’s worst fear has come true when Salem gets his hands on Isis. With siya’s life hanging in the balance and Isis missing, the Maler family is in total disarray and he feels like it’s his job to fix it and by any means necessary. Will they be able to stop her before she succeeds in what she always wanted or will Siya have to pay the ultimate price for loving a Maler?

He Brings Out The Hood In Me 4 #ad - In his heart, isis is a Maler, and everyone knows what happens when you cross a Maler. Knowing the kind of man that her ex is, Icelynn fears for her daughter but AD is right there by her side ready for whatever. Starting with the glue that holds the family together, Siya. His temper seems to be spiraling out of control until Key forces her way into his life.


Lost In That Hood Love 2

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - Keeping his family out of harm’s way and not falling back into the street life is the only thing on Cage’s mind. Will crane be able to win shy back and become a family with her and the baby they have on the way, or has he done too much to be forgiven?Crane and Cage have always put family first, and now that includes their little brother, Keem.

It will be up to crane to prove to Shy that their love can overcome anything. That vulnerability will cause Crane to lose someone close to him and force him to change his priorities. Will they be able to get their personal lives in order and protect their families from the streets? The Andrews brothers are definitely Lost in That Hood Love, but will that be their ultimate downfall?

Lost In That Hood Love 2 #ad - Crane’s personal life is out of control, and an enemy is out lurking in the shadows and waiting for a vulnerable moment to pounce. Will cage be able to protect his family from a brewing street war, or will he be sucked back into his old lifestyle?After the craziness of the event, Desai isn’t even sure if she has a job anymore.

Shots have been fired, leaving everyone wondering what will happen next. Cage is thrown back into the street life and will do whatever it takes to protect his brothers, but at the same time, he has to think of his son and Desai. Her best friend used her to cause havoc in other people’s lives, and now Desai must figure out what she will do next.

Smith’s revelations have torn Crane and Shy’s relationship to pieces, and it may be beyond repair.


Married To A Hood Legend: An Urban Standalone

Twyla T. Presents, LLC #ad - Warning*** this is not your typical, dope Boy, Urban Romance, Thug Love, or Kingpin Savage book. Heart pounding. Nail biting. Gritty. She reacts without thinking and has to decide on whether she wants to start over let guilt consume her. A cheating man can dish it out, but they definitely can’t take it. Having enough, genesis doesn’t hesitate spending some time with Maceo, a man that called her “his future wife” the first time they met.

Bumping into him the first time is an accident. Will he able to turn things around before they have costly consequences?Sean’s phuck boy ways are constantly showing up, along with his lying and cheating. Witnessing another man calling Genesis “his wife” sends Sean’s world into a downhill spiral. However, that bubble is quickly burst when a surprise greeting stares Genesis in her face.

Married To A Hood Legend: An Urban Standalone #ad - Married to a hood legend is by far one of the best African American Urban Fiction books out. In this riveting standalone, you’ll take an unforgettable ride with Twyla T. Genesis alexander is living high off of life, enjoying her career and her life with her wonderful husband Sean. Who will genesis choose: her past or fate? denise “neicy” McKinley is a free-spirited woman whose spirit has connected with Jemarcus “Scrap” Coleman, a man that doesn’t do commitment.

This is one standalone that you don’t want to miss.


Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Supreme Works Publications #ad - Mission alexander is the epitome of a boss. Now that he has conquered the illegal world, his cousin urges him to cross over into the legit side. Living life day to day, she prefers things to just flow. As they go back and forth, there will come a time when they each think, "Love Me or Leave Me Alone. ". Meeting mission alexander forces some big changes in her personal and professional life, but is she prepared to embrace either one?Myon Nolan is what some would call a free spirit.

A rough upbringing causes Navarro to care more than he should for people. Tayah nolan!tayah nolan has always settled to make things in her life easy; this includes her fiance and career. Navarro alexander, lawyer by day and thug by night, has been stuck in his situationship for far to long. This has caused her to stay with her boyfriend, Niko, even though she knows he constantly cheats on her.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone #ad - Navigating through their personal and professional lives, these four must figure out how everything fits together. Rude, and sexy all at the same time, uncaring, Mission is who he is unapologetically. Feeling like her life is stagnant, with some encouragement from her sister, Myon, she finally takes a risk that will change her whole life.

Not liking change, mission resists this new venture until he realizes the connection it has with someone he wants. He is comfortable where he is at, but in the back of his mind, he knows he wants more.


Better Than Your Ex 2: Young and Stony

Supreme Works Publications #ad - At this point, his only option is to put himself first. Stony had lived her life by her family's expectations and under their control until she met Young. Even though her life was exposed and turned upside down, she realized that she had to grow up and take control. The streets taught him to trust no one, so when he opened up to Stony, and that love was the downfall of every man, it was not something that anyone expected.

Unfortunately, that was the worst mistake he ever made. When he finds out that the dorrian family, had singlehandedly destroyed his heart and his career, Stony included, he shuts everyone out. Young fell fast and hard in a way that left him vulnerable. She forces him to recognize the fact that his life is not as complete as he thought it was.

Better Than Your Ex 2: Young and Stony #ad - Her pride is damaged, and her heart is broken. Ashlyn is falling fast, and Papa is right there with her. Because of that, he knows that it's time to leave the streets behind so he can give her all of him without fear or hesitation. Will it be as easy as he thinks, or will he have to walk away and let her live her life until he’s in a position to give her all that he knows she deserves?Even if you find the one who is Better Than Your Ex, no one can stop you from having it, but when it's for you, the universe might not play nice enough to let you have your happily ever after, or can they? .

Young is not a man who gives himself freely. The worst part was that she gained that insight right when her father had potentially ruined her life and destroyed any chance she had of finding forever with Young.