Deadite Press - If they want to ever get out alive they will have to become just as vicious and violent as their pursuers. In the middle-of-nowhere, USA, there is a town not on any map. Where local law enforcement runs a sex trafficking ring. And the woods hold even more monstrous secrets. Just as depraved. Sort of like a roller-coaster ride.

. You're never getting out of here alive. Today four unlucky travelers will end up in Hopkins Bend. A place where outsiders are tortured, raped, and eaten. Welcome to Hopkins Bend. Depraved lives up to its name in the most brutal and visceral way. But with battery acid and razor blades on the handlebars. Ronald Kelly.

Depraved 2 Volume 2

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - She barely made it out of Hopkins Bend alive and emerged changed forever by the ordeal. Now she’s freshly discharged from the military and on the run after being framed for a murder she didn't commit. But things are not as they seem in Hopkins Bend and Jessica soon finds herself plunged into another nightmare of depravity and madness.

Depraved 2 is the sequel to the hit novel depraved, hailed by acclaimed author Brian Keene as one of the 10 best books of 2009. Running out of options—and with an assassin hot on her trail—she heads again for Hopkins Bend, now a deserted ghost town. Four long years ago, jessica Sloan drove out to a backwoods town to execute the rapist stashed in the trunk of her car.

Depraved 3

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - But prison 13 has never had an inmate like Jessica Sloan. No one has ever escaped. No one ever gets out alive. Welcome to prison 13, a secret prison for women located in a remote frozen wasteland. One way or another, she means to get out of this hellhole. In prison 13, life is cheap and no one can be trusted. Even if it kills her.

Years after killing her corrupt father, assassin Jessica Sloan is abducted and sent to this horrifying repository for “troublesome” women. The medical staff are gleeful torturers and the people who run the place are Nazis.

Last Day

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Then news breaks of an imminent killer asteroid strike and everything changes forever. The last day of the world starts out like any ordinary day. A few seek to rise above the madness and find a way to do the impossible--survive the end of the world. Serial killers and other predators no longer have to hide, indulging their dark appetites without fear of reprisal.

Now that no one has anything to lose, hidden horrors are unearthed and brought to the light. Everything seems normal. With the human race facing sudden extinction, the world descends into chaos. The world is engulfed in carnage and blood flows freely in the streets. The seemingly meek reveal inner monsters and go on killing sprees.


Deadite Press - What is a header? in the dark backwoods, where law enforcement doesn't dare tread, there exists a special type of revenge. But things will get much worse when bodies begin showing up in his sleepy small town. Stewart cummings is a government agent whose life is going to Hell. Victims of an act known only as "a Header.

Deadite press is proud to bring back the notorious inspiration for the hit cult film - a splatterspunk classic of twisted sex, booze, and revenge. Something so terrible that few believe it is real. His wife is ill and to pay for her medication he turns to bootlegging. Something so awful that it is only whispered about.


Deadite Press - They're going to make her a star-in a snuff film. But the kidnappers aren't asking for ransom. Instead, it becomes a nightmare when her husband is arrested and Lisa is kidnapped. What they have in mind for Lisa is unspeakable. They want Lisa herself. Deadite press is proud to present the classic hardcore horror novel by J.

Now a new generation of readers will ask - how far would you go to survive? It was supposed to be a romantic weekend getaway. Lisa was looking forward to spending time alone with her husband-and telling him that they are going to have a baby. They plan to torture and murder her as graphically and brutally as possible, and to capture it all on film.

Survivor - Gonzalez. Before hostel. Before saw. There was survivor.

Slowly We Rot

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Soon noah’s sanity begins to fray and his ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality starts to disintegrate. Slowly we rot is a searing, stunning triumph. Jonathan janz, author of the nightmare girl and Savage Species Long after the zombie apocalypse wiped out most of the human race, a young man named Noah resides in a remote mountain cabin.

It doesn’t matter that she’s probably long dead. Several years have passed since he last saw another human being. And he’ll continue no matter what, because it’s a big, even if it costs him his life, empty world and this is all he has. Sure, slowly we rot, there are flesh-eating zombies in bryan smith’s gut-punch of a novel, but in telling the tale of one man’s nightmarish journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape, Smith reminds us of the most brutal truth of all: the worst monsters dwell inside us.

Slowly We Rot - Tim waggoner, author of like death and EAT THE NIGHT. If you believe there’s no life left in the zombie subgenre, Bryan Smith is about to prove you wrong. When the vindictive sister he has long believed dead unexpectedly returns, events transpire that prompt him to leave his mountain refuge and embark on a cross-country trek to find the lost love of his life.

Through it all, he keeps trying to reach the one he lost long ago. He just needs a purpose again and this is it. Shocking, and punctuated by moments of brutal savagery, emotional, SLOWLY WE ROT contains some of the most frightening scenes in recent horror fiction.

Off Season

47North - A beautiful new york editor retreats to a lonely cabin on a hill in the quiet Maine beach town of Dead River—off season—awaiting her sister and friends. September. Nearby, a savage human family with a taste for flesh lurks in the darkening woods, watching, waiting for the moon to rise and night to fall.

. And before too many hours pass, five civilized, sophisticated people and one tired old country sheriff will learn just how primitive we all are beneath the surface. And that there are no limits at all to the will to survive.

The Reborn

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Deadite Press - No matter how many times he was killed, he kept coming back to spread death and mayhem. Highly recommended. Bryan smith, author of The Killing Kind and Depraved. A group of people from all walks of life now find themselves trapped and fighting for their lives against an unstoppable killer. It's like a great lost friday the 13th sequel from the mid-80's, one with the gnarliest kills ever because it escaped the wrath of the evil MPAA.

Reincarnage is a blood-splattered meta-tribute to the slasher genre. With no other choice, woods, the government walled off the small town, and lake that Agent Orange used as his hunting ground. But it also has an excellent high concept twist that gives the gloriously gory tale a uniquely modern flavor. This seemed to contain the killer and his killing sprees ended.

Reincarnage - . Or so the populace thought. But really, the government has been kidnapping citizens and giving them to Agent Orange to sate his blood lust. In the 80's a supernatural killer known as Agent Orange terrorized the United States. Reincarnage is a total fucking blast and a must read for fans of all the great 1980's slasher icons.

Boys' Night

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - She has learned to ignore them as little more than the impotent tantrums of weak men, terrified of losing their place of privilege and power. Boy's night "if wrath james white doesn't make you cringe, you must be riding in the wrong end of a hearse. Jack ketchum, author of the Girl Nextdoor "Wrath James White is the premiere author of hardcore horror.

Every day she receives dozens of death and rape threats. Uncompromising and savage, Matt Shaw's writing ensures that the future of the horror genre is in good hands. Shaun hutson, author of Slugs. Until one night they show up on her doorstep. Period. Edward lee, author of header “there is a ferocity about Matt Shaw's writing that is both welcome and also necessary when it comes to horror.

Boys' Night - Emily is on a crusade to advance the cause of women's rights. She writes a controversial and incindiary blog called The Radical Feminist where she challenges the male power structure that has oppressed generations of women, tackling issues of equal pay, reproductive rights, and the pervasive culture of rape.