Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: The Man in Black

Marvel - As the end of their quest nears, Roland prepares to meet his destiny. Little knowing that an even more sinister evil awaits them further inside the cave. But is he ready for it? can he do what it takes to find the dark tower? even if it means sacrificing young Jake? Don't miss this captivating adaptation of Stephen King's celebrated novel, as Roland finally learns the Man in Black's identity!COLLECTING: Dark Tower : The Gunslinger - The Man In Black 1-5.

The exciting final chapter in the dark tower: gunslinger saga is here! roland continues his journey towards the Dark Tower in his search for the Man in Black - but when young Jake faces peril in the tunnels, will Roland be able to save him? As the Man in Black's treacheries thicken, Roland and Jake must stave off an attack by vicious, cave-dwelling mutants .

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria

Marvel - And in his current, wounded condition, there's almost nothing the last gunslinger can do to prevent their tender mercies from taking hold. Near death from an attack by slow Mutants, Roland Deschain is taken in by a group of Sisters who specialize in anything but the healing arts. It's the beginning of a new dark tower story arc featuring the fine pencils of Luke Ross, whose work on this story will astound you!

These hideous, corpse-like creatures known as the Little Sisters of Eluria have murder on their twisted minds.

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger- The Battle of Tull

Marvel - We continue roland deschain's quest for the Man in Black that has become his obsession. The essage is terrifying. In a saloon in the town of Tull, the last gunslinger is approached by a bizarre figure that has a message for him. Collecting:dark tower: the Gunslinger - The Battle of Tull 1-5. Featuring the artistic talents of Michael Lark, whose fine pencils have graced the pages of Daredevil and Spider-Man.

What's worse, it is delivered by a dead man named Nort whose corpse was animated to serve this very purpose. And that is only the beginning of the horrors awaiting the gunslinger in this strange place deep within Mid-World.

the Gunslinger: The Way Station - Dark Tower

Marvel - Roland's pursuit of the elusive man in black across the endless mohaine desert becomes even more treacherous when he is attacked by a ravenous pack of desert dogs and vampiric dust devils when he is at his weakest! It's a new chapter in the life of the last gunslinger of Gilead as he struggles to remain alive and achieve his destiny! Don't miss the wonders of: the Way Station! COLLECTING: DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER - THE WAY STATION 1-5.

The Journey Begins Graphic Novel - Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, Vol. 1

Marvel - Since the friends that stood by young Roland Deschain burned to ash in the Good Man's razing of Gilead. Join robin furth, peter david and richard isanove as they welcome superstar artist sean Phillips INCOGNITO into the ka-tet of creators entrusted by Stephen King himself to bring the adult adventures of his most personal creation to life! COLLECTING: Dark Tower: The Gunslinger #1-5.

But Roland survived. And now he stalks the desert, hunting the spectral Man in Black in his quest for the Dark Tower. Note: this is book is a Graphic Novel. A bold new chapter in stephen king's the dark tower saga! twelve years have passed since the fateful Battle of Jericho Hill and the fall of the gunslingers.

The Journey Begins Graphic Novel - Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, Vol. 1 - Since the affiliation's resistance against John Farson became little more than a faint memory.

Stephen King The Dark Tower: Battle of Jericho Hill

Marvel - Following the complete destruction of gilead, the six pillars of reality holding all of existence together begin to crumble, and Roland Deschain and his beleagured ka-tet must stop the Crimson King from returning the world to chaos.

Last Shots - Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger

Marvel - There, he relives one of his past adventures in which he and his ka-tet were trapped by supernatural enemies. He is in the prison of Devar-Toi, and all he wants is his friends to rescue him. But sheemie doesn't want to destroy reality. Roland deschain is coming for him even now, but sheemie must evade animal-headed guards and the monstrous Great Old Ones while he waits! Plus: traveling through the Desatoya Mountains, Roland comes across a haunted camp.

How will the young gunslinger survive the sinister assault? and how does it relate to his current quest? Find out in this exciting prequel to The Little Sisters of Eluria! COLLECTING: Dark Tower : The Gunslinger - Sheemie 's Tale 1-2; Evil Ground 1-2; The Fall of Lord Perth 1. The mentally handicapped young Sheemie possesses the awesome power to shatter the very Beams of the Dark Tower - the fulcrum of existence itself.

Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three - House of Cards

Marvel - Eddie dean, and with a dying gunslinger named roland! the chilling chapter by writers peter david spider-man 2099 & robin furth the dark tower: a complete concordance, the troubled young man gifted with the ability to open doors to other worlds, has smuggled narcotics from Nassau to New York City, but now has to escape a packed airplane guarded by armed Custom Agents! How will Eddie avoid prison and yet also fulfill his contract with the dangerous mobster Balazar? The answer lies in Mid-World, and artist Piotr Kowalski Marvel Knights: Hulk! COLLECTING: Dark Tower : The Drawing of the Three - House of Cards 1-5.

The Sailor - Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three

Marvel - Jake chambers returns as stephen king's dark fantasy epic continues! haunted by the specter of a boy he let fall to his death, ROLAND is tortured by despair. But the boy never existed, and Roland's guilt is madness. Or is it? as timelines converge and reality shatters, JAKE CHAMBERS becomes the focus of Roland's quest.

. And may be the key to the survival of the ka-tet! collecting: dark tower: the drawING OF THE THREE - THE SAILOR 1-5 Marvel.

Lady of Shadows - Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three

Marvel - Enter odetta holmes, a wealthy Civil Rights activist living in the South. Stephen king's dark fantasy epic returns! roland and eddie are on a quest to find the third member of their ka-tet. Marvel Comics. But odetta has a dark secret and to uncover that secret, we'll have to go all the way back to the beginning.

. Collecting: dark tower: the drawing of the three - lady of shadOWS 1-5 Marvel.

Dark Tower: Treachery

Marvel - And in this encounter, Stephen Deschain's life may be forfeit. Marvel. Meanwhile, roland's father has led a posse in search of those who threatened his son's life in Hambry - John Farson and the Big Coffin Hunters. The ka-tet of roland, Alain, and Cuthbert have returned safely to their home in Gilead. But all is not well.

Roland has kept the evil maerlyn's Grapefruit and has become obsessed with peering into its pinkish depths despite the deadly toll it's taken on his health. This title collects Dark Tower: Treachery numbered 1-6. And what the young gunslinger sees brings him the darkest of nightmares. Marvel Comics.